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WNG Advantage

Quality, Safety, and Commitment

WNG's Commitment to EXCELLENCE

GOAL - 100% satisfaction with our customers 

PLAN - To eliminate any chance of defects

POLICY - To consistently provide quality work within the specified interval

WNG's Quality Assurance Program 

To serve our customers, colleagues and the community accurately, promptly and courteously, while conforming to agreed upon requirements

To provide service to our customer with desire. Recognize and address current and emerging needs, and understand the choice to buy from us and perform based on that knowledge to deliver the best quality product 

Build long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, both inside and outside the company based on objectives 

Develop leaders who set high expectations for achieving business excellence 

Manage work as part of the end-to-end activities that deliver value to customers 

Improve performance by systemically identifying and eliminating root causes

Establish, measure and meet both short and long-term commitments to all customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers partners and society

Project Quality Initiatives 

Equipment Certifications - Our commitment to staying in-tune with most recent manufacturers specifications and quality standards